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About us

scharnaPlan stands for:

 Am Westbahnhof 2, RatingenPlace of business, Am Westbahnhof 2, Ratingen


 Dipl.-Ing. Architekt BDB G. Julius ScharnaDipl.-Ing. Architekt BDB G. Julius Scharna

Dipl.-Ing. Karin Müller
Dipl.-Ing. Karin Müller, Project assistant
Anne Koester
Anne Koester, Office manager

  • Comprehensive consultation directly including all involved technical disciplines (statics, building physics, technical building services, fire protection)
  • Creative integral planning for convincing solutions, from draft to sophisticated process planning
  • Construction supervision for constant quality management and short response time to current developments
  • Efficient project management for process optimisation and safe realisation of target settings
  • Individual building maintenance for use extension and cost-cutting building management
  • Expertise from more than 20 years of experience with planning and successful realising of complex special buildings and challenging building projects.

Office Structure

Mr Scharna will be available as first contact person.
Concurrent operation of associated architects, specialist consultants and experts of all branches.
Highly qualified employees with efficient 3D-CAD/AVA work stations are planning and realising the milestones.
With international clients we also plan and operate in English.

Business Philosophy / Objectives

  • Appealing, high-class architecture
  • Sustainable planning for long-term investment guarantee
  • Full service and comprehensive project management
  • All-inclusive extensive cost planning for secured decisions
  • Tight and explicit communication with clients and everyone involved in projects
  • Benchmark for the success is represented in our clients satisfaction

Office Management / History

  Dipl.-Ing.Architect BDB G. Julius Scharna, year of birth 1957, apprenticeship as bricklayer, studies of construction engineering and architecture
1982 Collaboration with renowned architect's and planning offices, early contracted projects, admission in the German Confederation of master-builders
1992 Project director at J. Ulrich Meyer VFA, Ratingen
1995 Office establishment in Ratingen with specialisation in new construction, modification, enlargement and maintenance of residential-, communal-,industrial- and administration buildings, establishment of a network of collaborating specialist consultants and experts
2001 scharnaPlan is founded, project office for industrial branches, new offices are occupied
2008 Silver badge of honour from the German Confederation of master-builders
2009 "responsible person" according to BauStellVO 1996
2010 Apprenticing company IHK Düsseldorf (chamber of commerce)
2011 General planner for complex special building projects